Meet the Owners

North Rim of Grand Canyon and drinking Cool Beans Coffee brewed cliff side-life is good!

Kevin and Jennifer Langill own Cool Beans Coffee Roasters.

Kevin’s story:

28 years ago, I did not drink coffee. Then I started drinking convenience store coffee as a construction worker. It was not very good, but it kept me awake. Next, I went to college, and on one of my breaks, visited Key West and had the best cup of coffee I had ever tasted!! It was from a small coffee roaster there. When I returned to Atlanta and college, I was mail ordering coffee from them. All of my family and friends said the same thing,”the best coffee ever”! I made it my goal to find something similar in Atlanta.

There was nothing in 1992. Oh sure, there were a few coffee shops but no good locally roasted coffee or cappuccino. I decided that I would open a coffee shop and did a business plan as a project for my strategic management class. The project won 1st place and the best grade in the class and I was pumped up. During my project, I went to every coffee shop in the city for a cappuccino and a competitive analysis. I discovered a gem only a mile away from my college. Cormier Coffee Roasting Company was a small, contemporary shop with a fire engine red roaster and this shop had the absolute best espresso  and coffee that I had ever tasted. It even topped the Key West coffee!

I moved to Florida to be near the beach and wanted to open a coffee shop there, but was too scared to do so. All the while I was ordering coffee from Cormier and trying other places. I eventually came back to Atlanta and got into IT sales and made enough money to buy Cormier. Luckily, when I was ready, it was for sale…serendipity.

After visiting Italy, California, and ordering countless pounds of coffee over the Internet, I had the realization that the best coffee in the world was right here under my nose and I bought the shop and the roaster. I changed the name to Cool Beans Coffee Roasters and never looked back. I call it the most expensive cup of coffee I have ever bought!

Since then I have learned 1000 times more than I knew previously and have become obsessed with even better coffee than we already have. I am not sure if I am crazy or not, but I won’t stop until I reach coffee nirvana.

Kevin aka
Cappuccino Kev

Jennifer’s Story:

I was born in South Carolina , but grew up here in Georgia ( my parents were high school sweethearts at South Gwinnett H.S.) near Stone Mountain Park.
I have always lived in the Atlanta area.

I love to travel and have adventures learning about different places, cultures, food and history. I learn a lot about myself and what a small but amazing world we live in!!

After meeting Kevin, I had a cappuccino made in Kevin’s kitchen and knew that I had met the right man.

I was amazed that someone could make coffee in their home that tasted far superior to anything that I had had in a retail setting.

I embarked on a coffee journey and found my way to Hawaii on a Kona farm with Kevin, my husband during our honeymoon.

Coffee is truly Kevin’s passion and I have always known of his dream to own an independent coffee house.

Now, that dream has been realized in Cool Beans Coffee Roasters. We live in Sandy Springs with our 2 sons and a dachshund (Captain Hot Dog).

Every morning I am blessed to have the best micro-roasted coffee in Atlanta!

Kevin says that I am so spoiled on good coffee that I can not bear to think of myself drinking sludge or muddy water ever again.–Jennifer

Kevin and Jen-Newlyweds in Kona -1998