About Us

    At Cool Beans Coffee Roasters, we are obsessed with good coffee.  We are an independently owned micro-roaster/retailer. We roast small batches in house, often and those beans are sold in our shop or online.  Our coffee and espresso is prepared by our fabulous barista’s 7 days a week.  We find that the more we learn about coffee, it seems the less we know.  But, one thing is evident: the poor coffee bean doesn’t stand a chance in the elements.  There are hundreds of factors that destroy the taste of coffee and espresso.

            Bitter and sour are two by-products of mistreated  and over-roasted coffee.  These are major reasons why many people like the effect of coffee but not the taste. This is also why many people douse coffee with dairy, chocolate, sugar, flavors, etc., to get the caffeine rush and coffee flavor; while minimizing the bitterness and other negative taste effects of mishandled coffee beans.

            Cool Beans Coffee Roasters is not going to settle.  We want coffee that tastes as good as it smells.  We will keep doing everything in our power to serve the freshest and best tasting cup of coffee possible.