Kenya- Maywal Estate AA Washed


Cupping Notes-

green apple, peach

Growing Altitude—1950 masl
Arabica Variety— Batian,Kenya SL28,Ruiru 11
Harvest Period— October-December
Milling Process—Full Wash and Dried on Raised Beds

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Because of the highlands’ acidic soil and ideal climate, rainfall, and altitude, which produces high-quality coffee with a unique flavor profile, Kenyan coffee is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Most coffee in Kenya is produced by smaller-scale farmers, and over 6 million Kenyans are employed in the massive coffee industry.

Coffee cultivation in Kenya did not begin until the late 1800s, when French missionaries introduced the plant to farmers. Today, the Kenyan coffee industry has a unique system of production, trade, and marketing. All Kenyan coffee is graded after it is milled, with AA being the highest quality beans available. After grading, they are auctioned at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange weekly.

Maywal Estate

Maakiou estate also known as Maywal Estate was established by a Greek couple Mammatas and Apostolos during the precolonial period. The name rooted its origin from the initials of the couple (MAA) AND KIU (KIOU) River which neighbors the farm. It changed ownership in the year 1974 when it was acquired by its present owners Mawara Investment. Apart from coffee production the farm is also engaged in commercial dairy farming. estate is a coffee plantation located in both Kiambu and Nairobi city county separated by the Riara river and is approximately 340 acres.


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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 12 in
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Whole Bean, Ground-French Press, Ground-Cone Filter, Ground-Flat Bottom Filter, Ground-Espresso

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One Pound Bag, Half Pound Bag


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