FTO Honduras- La Granadilla Honey


Cupping Notes-

butterscotch, floral, honey, red apple

Growing Altitude— 1700 masl
Arabica Variety— Catimor
Harvest Period— January- March
Milling Process— Honey Process

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Finca La Granadilla

Celso Galeas started producing coffee in 1989, with 800 coffee plants, in a plot that his father gave him. At that time, he did not know how important the final product was. He had a breakthrough by becoming a member of COMSA, which allowed him to become aware of what coffee farming represents and what it also entails. As time went on, his children grew older and now his daughter has already finished her studies and is the one who helps him in the administration of the farm. It’s important for him that his family views the coffee production as family heritage, so that they can continue producing specialty coffee for generations. Celso states that, “In our plot we have implemented good practices throughout the coffee process, the people who help us in the harvest are prepared to only cut the coffee at its exact point of maturation. In the process of depulping and drying we do it with extreme care to avoid damaging the coffee.”

Honey Process

Honey processed coffee is unique in that while the skin and pulp are removed from the cherry, the mucilage, a sugary, sticky outer layer, is retained during the drying stage. This mucilage, is often referred to as “honey”.  These coffees are significantly less acidic than washed or natural/sun dried coffees. They often have much more character and sweetness than traditional fully washed coffees.

Colors are assigned to each process to indicate the amount of sunlight each cherry is exposed to; yellow being the most and black being the least. Yellow honey coffees are usually dried in the sun for around a week, red honey is dried for two to three weeks, usually in the shade, and black honey is exposed to as little light as possible and must dry for at least two weeks. The longer the dry time, the more fruit-forward the end result tastes.

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