Costa Rica- Barranquilla


Cupping Notes-

Berries, chocolate, clean start and full finish

Growing Altitude—1600 MASL
Arabica Variety—Villalobos
Harvest Period—January-February
Milling Process—Washed

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Don Geovani Lot 8- Microlot

About Don Geovani

Don Geovani Gonzalez is the owner of Barranquilla micro mill in Barranca de San Juanillo. Geovani took over the small farm, 3ha in total from his father in 1980. Since then, he has purchased a further 7ha. He is one of the few producers in Costa Rica who uses traditional fermentation tanks to produce washed coffee. The majority of washed Costa Rican coffee is processed using demucilagers; Geovani chooses to use this process with his micro lots in order to have greater quality control and produce a distinctive flavor profile. Having been a coffee producer for over 30 years, Geovani has seen many changes within the Costa Rican industry and understands the importance of continuous improvement.

Costa Rican Coffee History

Costa Rica is one of the top producers of coffee in the world.  As their third most exported product, it is incredibly important to the country’s economy.  Ethiopia introduced Arabica coffee to the country in the late 1770s. The Costa Rican government encouraged farming of coffee by offering plots of land to local farmers. By 1829, coffee production was a larger source of revenue than tobacco, cacao, and sugar cane. Today, the farms in Costa Rica often employ Nicaraguan immigrants as seasonal workers on plantations to harvest coffee during peak seasons

Our Barranquilla Microlot has a clean start and full finish, with notes of chocolate and berries.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 12 in
Grind options

Whole Bean, Ground-French Press, Ground-Cone Filter, Ground-Flat Bottom Filter, Ground-Espresso

Pack Size

One Pound Bag, Half Pound Bag


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