Asojardin Colombia


Cupping Notes-

Sweet peach with hints of honey and raspberry

Growing Altitude—1400-1900M
Arabica Variety—Caturra, Catuai, Colombian
Harvest Period—October-April
Milling Process—Washed

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Colombia is the third largest coffee producer behind Brazil and Vietnam, and produces the largest amount of Arabica beans in the world. Average annual production is over 11.5 million bags.

The exact year the coffee plant was introduced to Colombia is the subject of debate, with recorded testimonies dating back to 1730 and 1787, but the first commercial production was in 1808, where 100 bags of green coffee beans were exported from the port of Cucuta. However, exports did not become organized until the mid 1800s. Many large estates were established around this time, but as conflict arose and international prices dropped, many large farms were forced to stop production, and coffee production in Colombia stalled. As a result, many smaller farms were able to introduce coffee plants and small growers became the dominant force behind the country’s coffee production.

Most coffee is grown in the Colombian coffee growing axis, a region also known as the Coffee Triangle. It lies in the Paisa region in the northeast of the country, and is divided into three departments: Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. This region is known for producing superior quality coffee.

The Association of Asojardin consists of about 75 small producers in the Mistrato town of Risaralda,
Colombia. On average these producers have been cultivating coffee for more than 30 years,
two generations. The coffee tree varieties that are grown vary from the Caturra, Castillo and
Colombian types. Some techniques that are used to make the Assocation of Asojardin unique
include picking ripe cherries and sun drying to create a unique cup characteristic. The name
“Asojardin” refers to a beautiful garden in the municipality of Mistrato where some of the first
members started to produce their coffee.

Our Asojardin Colombia has notes of sweet peach, with hints of honey and raspberry.

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